We rely on voluntary help, donations, income from engagements and concerts, players’ subscription and local authority grants to keep us going year on year.

That income allows us to operate – to play for the community, to help major charities in their fundraising efforts (The Sick Kids Friends Foundation is typical – we help them to raise tens of thousands of pounds every Christmas). It also helps us to maintain a junior/training band – so that young people and trainees can enjoy low cost music tuition and quality performance opportunities. These basics are ever the more vital, especially in today’s financial climate.

We enjoy some help already – East and Mid Lothian Councils, Prentice Coaches of Haddington, Ryden Lettings of Edinburgh (Youth Band funding) all support us throughout the year.

We’ve been around in one shape or other since the late 1800’s – with your help, we’ll survive another hundred years.

What it costs to run the band:

We’re faced every year with rent, rates, insurances, instrument repairs, equipment replacement, contest fees, travel costs, buying new music… the list is long, the costs are not insubstantial. Some of our typical current costs are: -

£3500 to make a CD recording.
£15 for a music stand – we use 30.
A piece of concert music is £40. A test piece for a contest is £80.
It costs us around £700 to go to a contest. We try to go to as many as we can afford.
We try to bring in expertise from a top UK composer, player or conductor every year to help us become better musicians. This expertise is not just for the seniors- the juniors benefit as well.

We have enjoyed grants from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Awards for All, Dalkeith Common Good Fund, East/Mid Lothian Leader matched funding and a grant from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust recently allowed us to buy a complete set on new symphonic timpani, replacing a 30 year old set. Some of these older instruments were still serviceable, and donated by us to a local school.

What we need right now:

A new trailer to get us to concerts and contests (£3500)
A new xylophone (£3000)
Tubular bells (£5000)
New marching uniforms (£lots!!)
A laptop & printer to help us to run the band.
Lots of help and support to allow us to meet running costs – to survive – and grow.

All of this is a sizeable list, and a big ‘ask’. We don’t expect that to come along all at once, but any kind of help is much appreciated.

Who’s pocket will you fill?

We are all amateur players; no-one gets any fee or honorarium. Everything we make is re-invested in the band and typically goes back into running costs.
The ‘biggies’ that you see above, we try and get grants or one-off donations, or we simply try and save up. This takes years.

Levels of giving:

Personal donation. This can be as simple as coming along and helping us to keep the bandroom tidy, helping us to run fundraising, or simply being a supporter at a contest. Cash donation can be as much or as little as you like.

Business funding. We do enjoy business funding from Prentice Coaches of Haddington – helping to keep some of our travel costs down. This needn’t be a huge investment from your business; we’d much rather we had a few business sponsors than one big one. Business funding needn’t be cash either – gifts that we can raffle are a typical example.

200 club membership. Taking personal donation that wee bit further – for £5/month (£60/year) you’ll not only be helping the band, you’ll be entered into a monthly draw with up to £500 available in prize money! Follow the link (here).

Corporate funding. Fund a one-off – a concert, a contest, a piece of equipment, or support us over a period of years with a regular annual income. We’d much rather see £2000 per year over 5 years than a big one-off sum. Again, this can be as little or as much as your company likes.

What do you get back:

Everyone gets access to the ‘members only’ are of our website. In there are insights into what the band is up to, regular news updates, etc. You’ll also get priority access to our annual friend’s concert. You can come along to our rehearsals as our guest, and get access to our special rehearsals with top players and conductors.

Business & corporate sponsors get a ‘carry’ on our website, special mention in our concert programmes. We can also play at your corporate or business event. Ask for details – nothing is impossible.

We’re going places, and we’d like to invite you to come along…..

If you are interested please send us an email: