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Dalkeith and Monktonhall Band undertakes a wide variety of musical performances each year. We have listed some examples below to give you an idea of the range of the band's services and types of event we can support - we are always happy to take on other types of work too, and enjoy a challenge!

Corporate Events

We can provide tailor-made concerts for your business or corporate social or promotional event, to entertain your shareholders, clients and staff.

Gala Days and Parades

We regularly perform at local and regional gala days and parades as both a marching band and providing additional concert music at the event.

Open Days and Special Events

We perform at company premises, schools open days and retail special events providing background music and entertainment.

Weddings & Civil Ceremonies

Nothing equals the glorious sound of a quality brass band in a church or at a civic venue.

We can -

We are also more than happy to work with other musicians and singers, and to work together with church organists as required.


We can help you raise money for your charity or good cause, whatever the occasion or venue. Our concerts typically raise hundreds of pounds for charities as well as helping to raise awareness of your cause.


We perform concerts to suit all musical tastes, and can also provide a programme with your choice of musical theme. We are also very happy to perform with singers, choirs and other musical groups. Our many years of entertainment experience will guarantee you a great event!

Christmas Entertainment

Nothing beats glorious authentic sound of a traditional brass band playing carols at Christmas. We are very active over the christmas period, playing at retail and commercial premises and at local and major fundraising or community Christmas events.

How much do we cost?

Pricing is dependent on:

Our fees for events last year typically ranged from £200 - £1,500.

Fees and Payment Terms

Depending on the type of event, the Band can be booked on a fixed fee basis or a share of event revenues. Payment terms are usually flexible, although we do ask for a 50% deposit for advance wedding bookings.

Where does the money go?

As an amateur musical organisation, individual players receive no fees for playing. All funds received from bookings go towards meeting costs of upkeep of the Band, the purchase of music and instruments.

To enquire about Booking the Band or for further information, please e-mail the Band Secretary by clicking on this link Send eMail


The checklist below will help you as you prepare for your event and will give us the vital information we need

Event Details

Contact Details

What you can provide for the Band




The typical Band layout is shown below, although it is possible to play in other configurations to suit the available space. The full Band would usually occupy a space of around 15m x 15m to accommodate the all players and percussion instruments, with a much smaller footprint required for a 10-piece ensemble.

The Band will need a back room or similar facility to store instruments, warm-up and change into uniforms as necessary before playing. If light refreshments could be provided for the Band members during the interval(s), then that would be more than welcome- playing builds up a thirst!


For most events the Band will require seating (usually 25 to 27 for the full band, 10 or more for a smaller ensemble). Where at all possible, chairs should be without arm-rests as these can impede a player's movement.


In a large venue, the Musical Director will usually use a PA system during the engagement to announce the music being played. Suitable access to a mains power supply would be required, whether indoors or outdoors. Smaller venues may not require voice amplification.

Venue Access

Access to the venue and in particular the playing area is important as the Band have a lot of equipment and large instruments such as Tympani drums which have to be lifted into place. In addition, the large Band equipment is usually delivered by car-drawn box-trailer, so access to the venue entrance by road would be required.

For most local events the Band will usually arrive by cars, and will require parking facilities or directions to handy parking areas. If a coach is used then recommendations for coach parking for the duration of the event would be useful.

Outdoor Events

In good weather, an open-air location is wonderful to appreciate the full sound of the Band. The main considerations are to find a spot that is sheltered from the wind if possible, as, even when pegged in place, music on stands is notorious for making a quick escape in strong breezes!

Also the area should ideally be as flat as possible, as most musicians will require to be seated. If the ground is overly-soft, chairs with thin legs are liable to sink into the turf. In this situation, either chairs with thicker legs should be sourced or some form of temporary flooring might be considered.

Should the weather be wet then we would appreciate knowing what provisions will be made. If it would be moved to an indoor venue or under an outdoor marquee that should be find - if the event would be cancelled then please note that if any unavoidable expenses are incurred by the Band that cannot be refunded up to the point of cancellation (e.g. coach hire), then a like-for-like charge may have to be made.

Parades and Marching

The band will come prepared for all weathers (within reason!) and will adjust their dress according to the conditions on the day. It will be the responsibility of the event organisers to ensure aspects relating to road closures, police presence and parade marshalls are in place. For your information, East Lothian Council have information regarding the coordination and approval of such events. Click on this link for more information Advice and Support for Planning Public Events

Timing of an Event

As an amateur Band, we all have busy work and social lives outwith our music playing, and fit our playing commitments around this. Ideally, the more notice we can recieve prior to the event, the better. We take booking up to a year in advance and occasionally longer, but would require at least three weeks notice for any event involving the full Band.

The Band will normally arrive at least 45 minutes to an hour before the engagement is due to start, to allow for seating, percussion and music stands etc to be set up. Break-down after the event usually takes slightly less time.

A typical concert programme would be a 60 to 90 minute programme of music (either the your choice or a suitable selection chosen by the Musical Director). The programm can be divided into two or three sections, with suitable intervals between (usually at least 10-15 minutes).

Cost of the Engagement

We are an amateur musical organisation, and you will not will not be charged professional rates for our services, but we do deliver a very professional performance for a reasonable fee, ensuring excellent value for money!

Once we know in outline what your Event will entail, we will quote you an appropriate fee to cover all aspects of the Engagement.

Once again, no players are paid to perform - all fees recieved go to support the Band in purchasing music, instruments and meeting our running costs.

If you would like to enquire about Booking the Band or need further information, please e-mail the Band Secretary by clicking on this link Send eMail